What to Expect in Dubai Crossfit Classes

In case you’re totally new to this term, CrossFit is a high intensity and strength training program. You will not do your usual gym exercises where you have a machine like a treadmill helping you walk or run. In Crossfit, the exercises are functional and body weight driven so you really need to exert effort in every move.

Participants in Dubai Crossfit Classes need to exceed expectations in each of the 10 areas of wellness (cardio, respiratory endurance, stamina, quality, control, adaptability, speed, readiness, coordination, adjust, and precision) rather than, for instance, simply having the capacity to lift something extremely heavy and put it down. The exercises are always changing depending on the Work-out-of-the-Day or WOD.

To make sure you have a good start with Crossfit, here are a few more details about what is different and what you can expect once you start working out:

You can have FREE trial

Many Crossfit boxes offer free trial sessions for beginners or non-members. This is the best way to test if you are interested in Crossfit and if you think you can handle the exercises. Like what was said previously, the movements of Corssfit are intense and may not be suitable for people who are just looking for easy, low-impact exercises. For more info about Crossfit boxes, visit Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark in Dubai.

After the free trial, and if you think you really want to start with your Crossfit training, you can then enroll or become a member of that box. Before you actually start working out with other Crossfit members, some gyms may require you to have a few private sessions where the fitness coach can teach you one-on-one the basic Crossfit movements. This is very important particularly for people who have no history of intense workouts or are not familiar with some of the moves in exercising. If your gym has this private sessions, take them and learn what you can before you actually join a session with others. This will not only help you get better results after the workout but also help you keep up with others in your group.

You will have shorter workout sessions

Crossfit is not like your typical workouts at a traditional gym. They do not last for one or two hours. There will not be a long period where you just stand there and start chatting with other gym goers. In Crossfit, the sessions are only for about 30 minutes–even shorter at times–so each exercise it timed by the coach and you have to execute them based on that interval. So as you can see, the way Crossfit works is more strict because you are working with a group so you have to all be in sync and follow the designed program.

You will be more motivated in your workout

Since Crossfit is a group fitness class, having many people around you is a great way to exercise since you see everyone giving their best effort, which then pushes you to also do the same. For people who easily get bored in the gym or working out alone, Crossfit is one of the best options out there for staying fit without getting bored.


Watch more about Crossfit Basics on this video: